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Costão: an invisible school

For days I have been trying online to find information about the current Center of Excellence "Professor João Costa" in order to create a video documentary of little more than three minutes about its foundation, on March 2nd, 1970. Nothing. The school is invisible to the people of Sergipe and the world. Not even a copy of the decree of creation of the institution is on the web. Very sad. Unacceptable especially in these times of today when the trivial of human existence is a showcase for the exposure of everyone in any part of the planet, in the time and place that best suits them. When the past is not shown to those who, in the present, cross paths in daily shuttles, life becomes discolored and, little by little, diminishes in meaning. We are nothing without our memories.

The only two references to the past of the fiftieth century Costão were found in a blog, the first of "João Costa" (he didn't even know that the school had already outlined an attempt to show itself online), created on the Wordpress platform and edited by Professor Fernando Antônio (, and on the IBGE portal (the site reproduces the information contained in the blog mentioned above, the content of which makes mention only of the decree creating the school), which brings an aerial photo and in black and white of the former State Gymnasium "Presidente Costa e Silva" (

It is urgently necessary to register not only our present moments, but above all to rescue the "agorinhas" of old so that we can sediment our identity as a public school at the service of the Education of our State and country. We carry out significant actions and singular events every day, but they cease to exist second after their executions for the simple fact that we have not yet developed the culture of registration for posterity. We are not leaving footprints so that future generations can seek the past as a way to feel at home in the present.

We really need to become aware of this reality. Let this be done today, each one in his own area, in the way he knows best or can contribute, but let it be done. That we rescue, in the same way, this past that is intoned, for example, in old photographs and audios, in archive documents and in the memory of many former teachers and former students of the institution still alive. May this starting school year be dedicated, in great part, to the rescue and rebuilding of "Ser Costão", as it has long been spreading among corridors and classrooms. Certainly, this will be the best gift that our Costão can receive in his 50th birthday party.

- What do you think?

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