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“Post-medium” in Costão

Photos by Cleide Calderaro

On the morning of today, February 28th, in the Auditorium of the "Prof. João Costa" Center of Excellence, the second week of "Post-medium" classes was held, a discipline that integrates the curriculum of Integral Education with a proposal similar to those of the pre-vestibular courses focused, in particular, on the horizon that will be presented to the students after they complete the cycle of studies of High School. The objective is to prepare them, in an interdisciplinary way, to enter Higher Education or the labor market, two distinct, important and immediate realities that will be presented, in an imposing way, to all those who conclude this cycle.

Thus, the disciplinary content worked in these classes is directed to the most relevant issues of ENEM, in a scope that unfolds from the university environment and the courses offered by the main universities in the country, through issues, among others, relating to the labor market, professional and labor perspectives. A laudable activity and initiative, since it goes a little beyond the boundaries of the old "hints course", which tried to fill the gaps of an educational malformation, whose result, almost always, resulted in failures. Congratulations to Renata Amaro (Portuguese) and Cleide Calderaro (history), teachers who masterfully conducted the teachings. Also to be congratulated are the invited teachers Claudemir Ferreira (biology) and Andréa Aragão (geography). Likewise, the school management and their respective coordinators deserve applause for their support.

The theme worked by these teachers in this second week of "Post" classes dealt, for the first time, with writing from an interdisciplinary perspective (Portuguese, geography and history), as should be treated, for the purpose of better learning, all issues within the universe of Integral Education.

Below, some photos that witness this moment.

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